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Day 5 and 6 Riding

A rest day and onto the next Huw route

After days like the last two, your body takes a day off whether you plan one or not. I had to do a lot of computer work in the morning around the intern hiring. I got off about 10? and visited a bike shop that is very near by airbnb. He does not rent bikes but talked about others who do. There was another man in the shop who was getting his tandom bike repaired. He recognized me as he had been birding at my favorite bridge at Boca do Rio the first day I went there and we had talked a long time there about his camera, birds etc.

I went East along the coast. The map showed a road but it soon turned into paths on a golf course and then a dirt track that I had to walk. Came to an industrial area but still dirt roads that I walked for at least 1/2 hour and probably more. Interesting to see a man flying a 20ft cape kite on the duns and lots and lots of muscle farming in the wet lands.


Finally onto paved road that I could ride. A man stopped and gave me his card as he rented bikes, ran a restaurant and had rooms to let. Back on the N125 but very very narrow streets through a town. I could find NO taverna, went out of the town the back way hoping to find another town with taverna, found town but no taverna.

Above are the kind of towns I was in and a bird! I assume this is a summer rental town. Most of the houses looked empty.

It was back on N125. I just road home to Tam's Light House bar and had a Pizza. She was not working the day shift.

Then home and did laundry in the supermarket that is below by apartment. More computer work, off to beer with Valentina, dinner at Indian I had looked up on Trip Advisor, it was good, lamb, cheese bread,


And green wine, whatever that is, was quite good.

Then beers at Tam's light house. Learned a little more about her area and talked to a man at the bar. Everyone was watching soccer. He was amazed that I had never heard of the Dortmund team but he did not know about my bike race Paris Nice that is on now. I was too tired and could not stay for Karaoke with the Russians. Home and watched the news.

I titled this Day 6: Poor start but good finish!
I'll head east again today. Try to find a way around the N125 and get onto the track that peddleportugal has posted and I have never been on. Hopefully I will find a taverna for lunch and I am afraid I will find a lot of hills. If so, I'll just try new roads and leave his route.

I know it is impossible for readers to follow but I have developed 3 routes. One goes along the coast to the west of Lagos. I learned it from the Brits doing iron man training. It takes me from my apartment to Praia da boca do rio beach and a wonderful bird habitat. It has hills but I can ride it all the way out. I have to walk 3 hills coming back. That is not because I am tired. The hills are just steeper the return way. Then from boca I can go onto Bispo that has a good restaurant and on to sagras where I have never eaten but I am sure has great places.

Route #2 revolves around the town of Barao do Sao Joao where the women sit at the taverna
The food is simple but the drama of the women is priceless. The ride out is nice. The ride from there onto boca or Bispo works fine.

Route 3 is the one I pioneered today. It is based on peddleportugals second day ride up to monchique. I left town on the N125 which is the normal way east. A left after the airport takes me onto the Barao do Sao Joao route but I continued on. I took a route marked A22. Beautiful surface. I rode 1 mile in and found out I was trapped on an access ramp to A22. No way to get onto local roads, the fenses was too high, had to retrace to n125.

Peddleportugals marks his access to this area as the next major left off of N125. I take it and am soon on dirt for 1/2 hour. Finally on paved in to the village of Mexilhoeiba Grande.

The above pictures show the dirt roads and then finally rough pavement

I spend more than a little time circling. It is only 11:30 but ...so I shoulder on, some towns but no taverna with a welcoming porch in the sun and maybe a Brit or 2 to talk to.

As I rode out of town, I came upon this tree and plowed field.
A palm tree that has not had its leaves cut.

Finally a "monument" that indeed turns out to be a pre-historic burial museum.

With Senior discount it is 1 euro and I buy a pamphlet for 1e. Nice little film and museum but I spend little time. Then walk the grounds and take pictures of the stone monuments. The man at the desk directs me to a very close restaurant.

They have a better preserved water wheel? that I took a picture of down in Boca do Rio.

There are 8 brits and dogs at a long table in the sun. I sit down at my own table and order a special of black pig. It is too much gristle and fat but I have a piece of cake also. Then on up the road for another hour. Very good roads for me, not too steep, no cars, nice rural scenery.

I especially liked this field.
Above was my turn around point
And a bird on a pole going home.
On the way back, I just shortcut to the N125 and find the shoulder fine to ride on. One town on the N125 here has an awful thin road but it also has 8 traffic lights that the people press to cross. So, the traffic is slowed and I can go fast and keep up with it so I am not being passed. Thus the thinness of the road is not as dangerous.

Got home about 5ish.

Once back, especially on a long day like today, I don't want to carry the bike up the 3 flights of stairs. But, the alternative is getting into the one person elevator with it. I never managed to capture the situation as I have too few brain cells left after hours riding and I am too tired. But the next two pictures are taken with me and the bike in the elevator!


I showered, bought water and headed off to Valentina's.
The building below is on a secondary square. It really is quite striking. A wonderful shade of green. My picture does not do it justice.

Then tried a new Portuguese restaurant for just a snack
No menu, you just point at things in the case.

Had a real dinner at an all you can eat sushi below.

Then on to Tam's where there was a singer. Tam was not on the main bar tonight, she was doing tables so I did not need to hold up the bar and could write most of these notes on my iphone. I usually do the writeup in the morning. Night cap and cup cake at Valentina's and a miss marble before bed.

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